Thursday, January 23, 2014

Excellent politically correct email on handling different sites with different administrative functions.

Probably a good Idea to start passing things though , but I’ll log this one for you.  I’m not sure a fools guide may be any good to you guys.  While I was trying to install the printer on James’s Computer yesterday I was blocked by a lack of admin rights on his computer rather than technical know how, so even if you know what you’re doing I think you may get stopped at the last hurdle.  This sort of thing may be better aimed at your team as they hold all the rights to your system.  I’ve copied in and others so we can work out what we can do going forward as we are very willing to provide you with as much assistance as needed.  I feel even if we can’t get rights to your computers it would be useful to know for the future so we are all aware of who is supporting each element and in-turn shortening the amount of time it takes to fix each of your problems

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