Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Unsolicited advice on how to get a job as a VMware admin or in general get a job in the IT industry

This contents of this post was in reply to this thread in certcollection.org - an excellent resource for learning and like minded individuals.

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The route into IT as a career usually isn't as straightforward. If you don't have the experience, be prepared to take a lower rung and lower paying position to get a foothold into a company and into the industry. Good and excellent System Administrators can't be trained in school. A quality of a good Systems Administrator is of continued learning and the ability to adapt that learning to whatever environment he/she happens to end up working in.

Usually when an organization hires a VMware admin, he or she is also expected to be extremely good at other aspects of technology.

VMware is just a platform, you have to prove you know more than just a platform. Usually, employers will not take risks with n00bs - as specially for datacenter type positions. There are other nuances a potential IT wannabe needs to know. Essentially, it's not just about how much you know and how well you know technology. It's about seeing the big picture. The book mentioned further in this topic will help give an idea of what the big picture is about.

Meanwhile, you can bolster your knowledge and skills while looking for a position by continued learning.

The difference between a good admin and a savant is how much that person puts into self study.

I would suggest that you pickup a  copy of "The Practice of System and Network Administration, Second Edition" (Amazon link here) - it's a very very good read and will give you a very good insight into the industry. It will help you with your mindset and the setting of career goals.

For a career in IT, you need to set a target or end goal. Then set the waypoints to that goal. If not, you will find yourself clueless and directionless.
You also will need to keep up with technology trends, spot emerging trends, how they relate and can be used in the corporate world. You will then need to learn those technology before it becomes the "in" thing. Only that way will you be able to demand a premium for your services.

This book has proven very useful to me - it's one of those books I wish I had read earlier.

Good luck in your search!