Monday, January 30, 2017

Windows 10 Insider Preview update issues from build 15007 to 15019; this probably will apply to some situations outside this scenario.

For those of you on Windows Insider Preview 10 build 15007 trying to move up to build 15019, go to services, disable "Delivery Optimization" service, reboot and retry. I used the Resource Manager to monitor network connections out and notice that after disabling the "Delivery Optimization" service, "svchost.exe (netsvcs)", started receiving incoming data. After the download for 15019 was completed, I set the service back to Automatic but did not start it. This is just in case having this in disabled state will mess up future installations. My setup is a VM on VMware Workstation so YMMV. Good luck guys. :)

I've placed the screenshots of the process in a public post on Facebook for reference: