Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Insomniac Ramblings is now Midus Renaissance.

This is not a technical post.

However I feel that this will be useful for people with problems sleeping.

As I'm no longer having sleep issues, I thought maybe it's time to update the name of this blog.

The "solution" I found in the end for this disorder was through the holistic path.

In short, I finally consulted with a Tradition Chinese doctor and "resetting" my internal flow has allowed me to sleep well at night after years of battling.

I think Insomnia is prevalent among many in our times - it detracts from the overall quality of life and can inadvertently, insidiously affect other aspects of one's life.

As this is an update and not a technical post (yet) I'd like to leave the topic open and hoping maybe someone else can be helped.

Looking forward to robust discussions (if any)

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