Friday, April 6, 2012

Modifying a Crucial M4 to fit in 7mm slot/bays

Picture credits below go to this post:
Lenovo T420s with 7mm Crucial M4 Mod --

Top Panel removed showing spacer:

Opened up:

Put electrical insulation tape (prevent possible short circuit):

7mm Crucial M4!!:


  1. I got the 9.5 mm and found out my laptop needs a 7 mm, and I noticed the spacer, but there IS a "warranty void if removed" sticker blocking one of the screws on mine, and crucial support told replied to my email about whether I can remove the spacer by saying (without explanation) that I need to purchase the 7 mm drive. Are you sure it's safe?

    1. Your mileage may vary. Some drives don't have that sticker, if yours does, the decision (and ramifications) is yours to make. Some seals can be removed using a heat-gun or hair-dryer.

    2. If you remove the sticker and some of the other drives don't have one, how would they know yours originally came with a sticker?

      ... :D