Tuesday, March 27, 2012

HOWTO: Shortcuts to managing DHCP in enterprise environments

How to extract MAC address from DHCP reservations

netsh dhcp server dump >> reservationdump.txt
find “Add reservedip” reservationdump.txt >> reservations.csv

Updated June 26, 2012

Had another issue at work where I had to merge two DHCP scopes that divided a single segment between the scopes. Each scope controlled a range of IP addresses (Scope #1, .1 - .127, Scope #2, .128 - 254). 

Both of the scopes had custom scope attributes defined. 

One of the scopes had reservations defined.

To make matters more interesting, the subnet mask had to be changed from /25 ( to /24 ( - DHCP scope allows you to edit the defined range but the subnet mask is greyed out.

Lastly, a new scope had to be created under a new segment based on one of the old scopes above.

How to merge scopes without losing custom settings and re-doing reservations:

A variation of the commands  at the start of this post will get you a text dump.
(Note there are two kinds of export data; binary and text and they are not interchangable)

If you need to quickly modify a scope on DHCP, eg, delete a scope and recreate all the reservations in a new scope, the above technique with the following steps will make it easier.

1. Export the scopes: netsh dhcp server dump >> dump.txt
2. Edit the exported file (you can safely delete the other non applicable scopes)
3. Import the exported file using this command: netsh exec c:\dump.txt

You may encounter these errors when you try to export DHCP server configuration (binary):
"An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format" - Hotfix solution from Microsoft
"Access denied" error message when you use the "netsh dhcp server import" - Binary Export/Import DHCP database steps

Netsh commands for DHCP

Starting point for solution:
HOWTO: Import and Export DHCP reservations in server 2003

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