Monday, May 10, 2010

RSA II Slimline Refresh 1 (Remote Supervisor Adapter II Slimline Refresh 1 - Part number 39Y9566)

This is a real PITA. Nothing like searching/googling, trawling through the net looking for this needle in the haystack.

Especially if your fingers are fast becoming frozen after spending 6 hours in a proper data center...

Adapter ships with old firmware and won't work with newer servers unless firmware is updated.

Firmware is also very difficult to find from IBM's website.

When you try to open a remote console (after installing the adapter) you'll hit this error:
The firmware on this ASM does not include functionality to support this server. You can update its firmware on the next page

In my case, had just added the (P/N 39Y9566 Remote Supervisor Adapter II Slimline refresh 1)

There are two packet files that to be updated in sequence:

You can find the firmware update files here:

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