Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Heartbleed remediation for vCenter (build 1750787), ESXi (build 1746018), Web Client Integration plug-in (build 1750778), vSphere C# client (build 1746248)

Glad to report the vCenter update went without a hitch on my home lab. As aways YMMV.

Updating to vCenter 5.5.0u1a - install in sequence following custom install. No reboot required. All other components remain the same as 5.5.0u1
Versions of updated 5.5.0u1a vCenter SSO, Inventory Service, Web Client and vCenter Server.

VMware Update Manager will be restarted during installation.
Web Client Integration Plugin will still have the same name as 5.5.0u1 but the build/version has been updated
vSphere Client updated to build 1746248. Not sure if it's only my home NAS that's slow but it looked like before updating, the stats and info page for ESXi hosts would not display properly.
vSphere Client not displaying ESXi stats properly (before updating; could also be caused by my storage backend)

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