Monday, September 3, 2012

Fix - Citrix XenAppWeb.msi v11.0.0.5357 problem with IE9

Hopefully, this will save someone lots of hair-pulling.

IE9 crash on connection, IE9 goes into install loop upon connection with web interface.

Other error messages during debug process:
"The configuration manager cannot be initialized"

Offending client version information: - GUID {388C130B-0079-46B4-A0D5-DC2DD7A89A7B}

This is a known problem see Citrix KB CTX126653 and CTX129082

Download client Online Plug-in 12.3, Release Date: 4/16/2012

Other useful KBs:

Manually removing files that might remain after uninstalling the Citrix receiver for Windows.

This article has a table with GUIDs that might be useful:

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